September 5, 2011

Stat of the Week Winner: August 27-September 2 2011

Thank you for the three nominations for this week’s Stat of the Week competition.

Tony’s nomination of Spirit Level has been highly politicized and would require us to be ready to provide detailed rebuttals to the proponents of both sides of the argument. Life is too short!

We’d also like to hear the results of Ian Well’s complaint to the NZBCA of Growpro’s statistics and find out more details before commenting on them. (Ian, please advise us when the ruling comes out if there are comments on the statistics.)

Miranda Devlin’s nomination makes a good point that the obesity and overweight figures quoted are overall ones, rather than just for women (as the whole article is about them). However, in the sentence before these statistics are mentioned, the article does point out the obesity percentage for women.

In saying all this, we aren’t selecting a Stat of the Week this week but encourage you to discuss the nominations further if you wish.