January 9, 2017

Stat of the Week Competition Discussion: January 7 – 13 2017

If you’d like to comment on or debate any of this week’s Stat of the Week nominations, please do so below!


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    Thomas Lumley

    The effect of different household sizes isn’t as straightforward as that, because of single-person households, which are *much* more likely to be renting.

    It’s annoyingly hard to find out how much this cancels out the family size/crowding trend.

    StatsNZ also published ‘home ownership by individuals’ but this has household-size bias in the other direction: it only counts the individual or individuals who actually own the home. Other members of that household are counted as not owning.

    9 months ago

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    Megan Pledger

    I’m about to do some work on household size, tenure and aging based on the New Zealand Health Surveys. There is quite a bit on household composition (including relationships) in the survey and, more recently, more useful tenure information. But with the earthquake and everything, it’s proving a test of patience to get the data.

    9 months ago