October 30, 2017


  • From Politico“Is Washington Bungling the Census?”
  • From Wired: China’s planned ‘Social Credit’ score
  • A McDonalds promotion in Canada advertises some high-level prizes and a 1 in 5 chance of winning. Some guy bought 100 orders of large fries, thinking he’d get forty prizes (2 tickets per order).  It’s actually two half-tickets per order, so he won 23 prizes. Mostly cheeseburgers. The moral: (a) read the instructions, and (b) most of the prizes are always just cheeseburgers (or the moral equivalent in other lotteries).
  • rawgraphs.io is a new tool for producing fairly attractive graphs quickly from spreadsheet data
  • [update] I nearly forgot Chris McDowall’s graphs of electorate vs party vote in the NZ election, from the Spinoff
  • Computer maps: then


and now (from Wikipedia)



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