August 15, 2011

More NZ government data

From the Dominion Post, via Cabinet will today issue an instruction to government departments that they should make all data they hold available for free or at a reasonable-price in accessible file formats for reuse by businesses, unless there are good reasons not to.

This policy has worked very well in the US, where the website, after just over two years’ of operation, has nearly 400,000 data sets, and there are 236 apps available on the web that make use of the data to do things that would otherwise be expensive or impossible.



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    The Charities Commission Open Data mashup is a great example of the NZ govt making a huge amount of data available for others to use for a wide range of benefits. It’s a rich source of info on giving, donations, community groups, etc.

    For example, I searched on Charities in the Health sector that sponsor or undertake research. In seconds I had a list of 34 charities whose most recent Annual returns show they earned over $6.9m in bequests, $13.9m in donations, & made research grants in NZ of $8.1m. It lists names, contact info, plus lots more. Have go!!

    6 years ago