November 24, 2013

Measuring the right variable



And, of course, New Zealand won the Rugby world cup, NZ or Australia will win the League world cup next weekend, and NZ was the only undefeated team in the last soccer World Cup, so Europe’s overall football credentials seem to be on shaky ground.  At least if you set up the comparison very, very carefully.

Generalisations of this approach to unsupported nutritional advertisting, surrogate outcomes in clinical trials, ranking of universities, and the claim that people with incomes below $110,000 collective pay no net income tax provide a lot of the work  for StatsChat.

(via Ben Atkinson on Twitter. I can’t identify the original source, but this version has the best punctuation.)




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    Ken Butler

    “FA Cup wins, England 150-odd, Wales 1. Are you even trying, the rest of the world?”

    4 years ago