March 16, 2017

Don’t say we didn’t warn you

From Stuff

3/2017: “New Zealand homeowners are being told to fix their interest rates now if they want to avoid a looming increase.”

Also from Stuff, all either headline or lead:

12/2016: Mortgage holders urged to fix as US interest rates rise

7/2016: Warning interest rates may not have much further to fall

3/2014: Time to fix loan on your house

1/2014: Rush to fix home loan rates before Reserve Bank acts

9/2013: “Economists say homeowners have officially missed the boat on locking in cheap fixed mortgage rates.”

4/2011: Now’s the time to fix mortgages: Tower

8/2009: Fix your mortgage before rates rise

There are good reasons to believe today’s story, but presumably there were for the past stories, too.


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    I wonder how many people there are with large mortgages who don’t already pay at least some attention to what interest rates are on offer…I’d guess not that many.

    7 months ago