December 6, 2013

If New Zealand were a village of 100 people ….

… according to the 2013 Census figures,

  • 51 would be female, 49 male.
  • 70 would be European, 14 Maori and 11 Asian.
  • 24 would have been born overseas
  • 21 would have a tertiary qualification
  • 4 would be unemployed.
  • 4 would earn over $100,000

Statistics New Zealand has done a nice graphic of the above, too. Full 2013 Census info available here.



Julie Middleton is an Auckland journalist with a keen interest in the way the media uses/abuses data. She happens to be married to a statistician. See all posts by Julie Middleton »


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    Don Mackie

    Not too sure about all aspects of the graphic. For example, neither the diameter nor the area of the semicircles in the language section reflects the numbers.

    12 months ago Reply

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