December 11, 2012

NZ data/graphics site

Wiki New Zealand bills itself as “A collaborative website making data about New Zealand accessible for everyone.”

They have lots of graphics of comparative data on New Zealand, with comparisons within the country, over time, and compared to other countries.

Two quibbles: it would be nice if the data source links gave a bit more information on how to find the data than just, eg, pointing to StatsNZ Infoshare.  Also, the thematic maps are currently all of total population counts, without any denominators.


Thomas Lumley (@tslumley) is Professor of Biostatistics at the University of Auckland. His research interests include semiparametric models, survey sampling, statistical computing, foundations of statistics, and whatever methodological problems his medical collaborators come up with. He also blogs at Biased and Inefficient See all posts by Thomas Lumley »


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    Jason Felix

    I thought of the XKCD too :).

    Still a laudable initiative, and one where if they get their “Future development will allow experts to upload data directly.” working, a place I could easily see posting material.

    5 years ago