March 7, 2017

The amazing pizzachart

From YouGov (who seem to already be regretting it).


This obviously isn’t a pie chart, because the pieces are the same size but the numbers are different. It’s not really a graph at all; it’s an idiosyncratically organised, illustrated table.  It gets worse, though. The pizza picture itself isn’t doing any productive work in this graphic: the only information it conveys is misleading. There’s a clear impression given that particular ingredients go together, when that’s not how the questions were asked. And as the footnote says, there are a lot of popular ingredients that didn’t even make it on to the graphic.




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    Graeme Smith

    Um, yes it’s not a graph. It’s a picture of a pizza.

    And yes it is adding productive value, it’s a much more entertaining depiction of common pizza toppings than other ways of presenting the data, those which only a statistician would bother even glancing at.

    I do have one big issue with it though. Everyone knows pizzas are cut into 8 not 6.

    8 months ago

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    Thomas Lumley

    But cutting it into 8 would have required showing prawns, which would have been confusing since they weren’t a popular response

    (at least if I’m right about the source)

    7 months ago